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It takes a sane person to have the courage to be crazy

Don't mind me, feel free to look around a little.

8 February
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Do I have to?????

Okay...if I really must. Hi! My name is Trev - please don't ask why, it takes too long to explain and i'm too lazy to bother - if you are reading this, you are possibly wondering why a girl will call themselves trev. The answer, the name sort of stuck back when I was stuck at Ecco comp/prison. No, really. I'm serious.
A small side effect of being called trev for over 3 years is a slightly insane and random outlook on life. Thankfully, this insanity of which I speak only seems to manifest itself in the presence of Classics teachers and members of the Crescent of Evil - a small group of like-minded students of AS level Classical Civilisations who reside at LPSFC and happen to enjoy searching for the hidden scandals in the history of Ancient Greece and Rome and also practically anything our Classics teacher tells us. If you happen to be a classics teacher, a certain one in particular, then you will most likley know of us.

When not being mildly insane, I am a nice, quite happy person and generally get on well with people if they aren't too annoying or if they aren't C.H.A.V.S. I don't hate C.H.A.V.S but some of them do get royally on my nerves. When not wrecking the sanity of my classics teachers I really enjoy reading. It generally tends to be either Terry Pratchett or J.K.Rowling and her Harry Potter books cos they rock. Or any other book that happens to be in the vicinity whence I am bored. Tis all the same to me. I also like various computer games, mostly RPGS or strategy games (dispite being really crap at them -_-) or Final Fantasy Tactics and Morrowind: The Elder Scrolls 3 (I don't own an XBox 360 or I'd have been trying out Oblivion by now ^^), possibly two of the best RPGs ever made in the history of RPGS. They are just that much fun.

I know tis random, but it nicely sums up the personality of me. Evil that likes flashing things ^_^ The second one speaks for itself, really, and is a nice little warning to people that I can be rather crazy when I want to be.

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Okay...now i'm done.