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Writer's Block: MAKE IT STOP!

What was the last song you couldn't get out of your head no matter how hard you tried?

5,6,7,8 by Steps or whatever their name was. My friend sang it for some bizarre reason and I spent the rest of the day stuck repeating the same two lines and hearing the song on every sound system I came across ><

Writer's Block: Sweet and solo

Have you ever made up an excuse to avoid a social obligation so you could spend the evening by yourself? Do your friends and/or family understand when you need some quality time alone?

Oh yesh - many, many times. Especially if I know that I'm going to hate the event/the people present (avioding work do's was my speciality), plus there are times when I really hate the human race as a collective (even if members of said collective are my bestest buddies) and want to spend an evening without having to have anything to do with them, normally by reading a book or slaughtering things on the X-Box XD

I hate the LEA >

You'd think something like a replacement Declaration form for your student loan would merit some level of importance, right? And that if you rang the company requesting said declaration form they would send it pretty sharpish, right?

Wrong ><

I've been waiting a WEEK for this dratted spare form. I'm now getting sort of paranoid that this form will magically appear the Monday AFTER I end up in the land of pastries and Vikings, just to be very, very annoying. In addition, I've also found out that the Registry at the Uni haven't actually gotten round to posting my evidence for my year abroad (basically a piece of paper with the Uni stamp on it ><) because the chief clerk was off sick last week. This means that the LEA still don't think I'm an exchange student and are therefore currently not giving me the extra £1000 I really could do with until they see that form. Plus they don't know my term starts 2 months before term at Leicester, so now I don't know whether I'll get said funding in August or October. If it's October, I'm REALLY screwed. Even if they get that form, who knows how long it'll take them to process it, and whether they'll give me monies while they do....

*cries in corner*

OK, I admit that I could have been a little more organised and sent the form off earlier. I'll admit that it might have been a good idea not to dismiss ALL my mail as bank statements (to be fair, most of them are though...or the bank trying to sell me new accounts/credit cards/ect) thus probably loosing the Declaration form in the first place. I still think its odd that I didn't get pelted with reminder notices like I did last year....I got about 3 in the course of a month...and that the only form I seem to have was the one I rang up for....

How bizarre 0_o

Funding issues aside, I'm sort of excited :3 I still have a lot of packing to do (hoe does one go about cramming your life into 15Kg of baggaga allowance?) and Danish to learn *snort* but for the most part, this should be fun. I know my first 3 weeks will be me being forced to do happy, smiley things with the other exchange students (Legoland - whoop!) but after that I can quietly retreat to my room and plan my joggings around Aarhus/Copenhagen/Denmark. I might even go hunt down some Vikings!

Update zee first

I survived :3

Thanks to many prayers to the almighty gods I managed to pass this year at 69% so am definitly off to Denmark at the end of the summer!

 In addition to being totally awesome and amazing, I also get to avoid beeing  in England when my dear housemate starts planning her wedding (she's only waiting to do so because said boy hasn't given her the sparkly yet) = fun times away from crazy dossertation stress/wedding stress that the rest of them will undoubtably be subjected to :3

On the other hand, I now have so much to plan this summer, including finally sending off two forms that I really should have gotten rid of when I got them but, meh, that required effort :3 I really have to get down to finishing my Danish (my work schedule rapidly declined during...well....this year so I never got round to finishing it off :3) and am supposd to somehow find the time to get a job. Not likely methinks....

Ah well. Least I can go enjoy Ely without panicking over my impending death due to epic fail ^^ I get to go shoot at Saxons (tis a Draum show, so I can do combat archery for once!) and teach little children how to beat up our lot and play with arrows. On the upside, I might actually get paid for doing the archrey bit! On the downside, I have to wear a DRESS >< Ah well, every cloud has a silver lining, as they say....

There's something about sitting quietly in the library with a pile of books at half one in the morning that really makes you enter into a reflective phase.....

In my case it is reflecting on the fact that I really should have done this essay about 6 weeks ago, I have a presentation to present in the morning, I'm not going to sleep and that I'm progressively writing more and more crap ^_^

Any other thoughts?

Is scared.....

I've just finished off my application form for Aarhus.....it's kinda hit home that (provided I don't epically fail my exams) I'll be spending a YEAR in a FOREIGN COUNTRY. A whole year of studenting.....it's a little scary...

On the upside, I found some good modules to do (including a Philosophy module - whoop!) and they teach in English, so  haven't got as evil a deal as some people I know, but still...

Eeeep ><

Pointless Sites....oh how I love thee :3

You all have probably seen this, what with our habit of trawling the internet for all sorts of randomness and crazy things, but I found this this morning and it tickled me.

EDIT: Dammit, the video won't embed, so a link shall have to do....sorry for my IT-fail ><

Oh how I wish I had that much time on my hands! Sadly, I shall have to find less time consuming ways of squishing my creme eggs....*plots*

In other news, I get to go hooooome tomorrow, whre I plan to gently pester my mother for permission to go buy perscription sunglasses and summer tops for my Rome trip (the washing machine seems to have switched diets from socks to my t-shirts O_o) and frantically try and finish up this eeeeeevil Source comment *curses* Oh, and Lena-sama, you might be amused to learn of our plans for our Lysistrata presentation.....all I shall say on the subject is 'tented togas' and let your imagination run from there :3

That will be all :3

Feb. 24th, 2009

I feel ill. It sucks quite a bit ><

On top of feeling ill, I have to do lots of reading, write several essays of fail (the questions really, really suck) and come up with several ingenious ways of making a certain someone think I'm not going to the Music Society Ball on the 13th, whilst cunningly getting together my outfit for said event in such a way that he doesn't notice. Being ill is not helping my little gray cells >< I was supposed to be really dynamic and proactive and actually do said reading for my Lysistrata meeting and the lecture before it, but the thought is too depressing at the moment....

And in other news....I'M GOING TO ROME IN 4 WEEKS!!!!!!

*happydances* granted, I'm going to Rome to do archaeology and work and stuff, but still.....it's in Rome. For a whole week :3 Sadly, I have to do 2 weeks of fieldwork (WHY I have to do said fieldwork is beyond me - it's not assesssed or anything....) so I might end up somewhere in dull and boring England for a week....possibly Vindolanda if the stupid person e-mails me back. Oh joy of joys.

I may even consider nom-ing more pancakes....but that will have to wait till I get back from the shops, as we are out of loo roll and noone else seems to want to go find some...*expeditions*

One Wold Meme

1. Where is your mobile phone?: Desk
2. Your significant other?:  Benjamin-sama
3. Your hair?: Messy
4. Your mother?: Sheffield
5. Your father?: Sheffield
6. Your favourite thing?: Bed
7. Your dream last night?: *blank*
8. Your favourite drink?: TEA
9. Your dream/goal?: Denmark
10. The room you're in?:  Common
11. Your ex?: Mark
12. Your fear?:  SPIDERS
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?:  Sheffield
14. Where were you last night?:  Pub
15. What you're not?: Working
16. Muffins?: *glomps*
17. One of your wish list items?:  XBOX 360
18. Where you grew up?: Sheffield
19. The last thing you did?:  Nommings
20. What are you wearing?: Jammies
21. Your TV?: On
22. Your pets?:  None :(
23. Your computer?:  Here!
24. Your life?: Good
25. Your mood?:  Happy
26. Missing someone?: Yep
27. Your car?: *snigger*
28. Something you're not wearing?: Jeans
29. Favourite Store?: Set
30. Your summer?:  Busy ><
31. Like someone?:  Indeedy
32. Your favourite colour?:  Purple
33. When is the last time you laughed?:Yesterday 
34. Last time you cried?: November


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